PCPETE Computer Repairs
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Computer Repairs

All faults that may be met when using a PC can be investgated and normally fixed. No problem is too large to figure out if the problem is aproached in the correct way. Regular maintenance can be carried out usually on a yearly basis to keep your machine running to its best ability Call us if you have such a problem and put us to the test.

Broadband/Fibre configuration

The majority of Internet suppliers (ISP) will provide you with the necessary equipment to get you up and running, but there maybe some questions that you have not asked and thus require these answered or your setup altered slightly from the norm. We are capable to advise and execute this for you, once we have agreed the end result requirement.

Health Checks

All PC equipment requires regular maintenance. Like all machanical/Electrical systems these need to be regularly maintained to keep them running at thier optimal speed and reliability. Virus Protection is a must ! A normal schedule for this kind of work can vary wildly due to User usage, but in general a maximum of a yearly time scale is necessary but 6 monthly may be the better option, but this can be discussed at a “system check” visit.

Wireless Configuration

We also have the ability to plan and configure your Wireless network to enable coverage of your whole property. We have the tools to deal with any problem in this area of Wireless access which is becoming the main way to access the Internet in this day an age. Again contact us if you wish to enhance your Wireless Network.or you have blind spots.

Software Installation

Installation of new software undertaken if you are not an IT Guru or Confident to carry this out this can be arranged. Removal and cleanup of unused software that maybe slowing the operation of the overall machine. Regular checks of your Software Updates (Microsoft or Manufacture) is necessary to keep your machine from falling foul of a RansonWare attack.

Custom Builds

Build and Customising can be catored for to an agreed customer specification. This normally would be carried out on Desktops Laptops All smaller items like Tablets and Printers are purchased to Manufactures specification and are not subjected to any customisation as these are factory set.
* c o m p u t e r - r e p a i r s * / - * i n s t a l l a t i o n * t u i t i o n * - c u s t o m - b u i l d s * / - * *


All our services are listed below. All Visits & repairs are based on a £35 Hourly charge. Examples are … Machine cleaning, Software and Hardware. Hard drives and Fans require cleaning and maintenance regularly All Keyboards, Screens and Mice get dirty over time, Overheating. Contact us to discuss,