Customer information is the first priorty of this


We always try to keep our customer up to date on the progress of their repair or work so that they know the situation and process thus should a problem occur and it puts the work into an unexpected cost implication they will be contacted and brought up to date so as to be able to accept the change or make another decision that suits them best. The majority of this work is carried out at the customer’s home unless the process requires the use of additional resources that are only available in a workshop environment. All repairs are guaranteed for one month and parts provided will normally have a one year manufacture warranty, but this is manufacture specific.
PCPETE Computer Repairs

Data Recovery

Data recovery under normal situations can be done but somtimes this is impossible and then the information below may be the way to go. Users data is the primary concern and is backed up before anything else is done. After the work is complete this data is deleted and thus not held for the customer afterwards unless otherwise requested. GDPR rules will apply in this case. Please read the additional information below. If unsuccessful then company below could help. Please mention PCPETE when contacting.


Dependant on the problem encountered when attempting to recover any data from a broken hard drive or whatever, all data may not be available to access, but best endeavours will be carried out to recover as much data as can be found on the item. There are companies that can be contacted by us to carry out deep intensive recovery processes that may well recover much more data, but this would involve additional cost which are beyond our control. All customers in this situation would be advised before we take this action.
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February 2020 Ransom-ware is even more very much alive! It has now been modified to attack in different ways. February 2019 Tech booby-trap Scam - Click to read
Special Note: All PC’s slow down after time and some can stop receiving critical Windows updates and thus require urgent attention due to Trojan and the dreaded Ransom-ware Attacks. Also manufacturer’s update their firmware and if not installed can leave your machine  open to attack.    This can be checked and fixed with regular maintenance.  Give me a call and be Safe!!
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