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We endevour to repair all types of PC equipment, Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and All-in-One systems running Microsoft Windows. Main areas of this business is the clearance of Virus infections and the protection afterwards to help protect this from happening in the future.

Click Box to obtain MALWAREBYTES at a good price.

Protect 1 PC for 2 Years With the emergance of RansonWare one needs to pre-prepare in order to be safe, after the attack is to late.

Do not pay the Ranson!!

You cannot trust them to honour the return of any encrypted Data.

To protect against Ransonware install Acronis True Image Backup and get Ransonware Protection. as well, at a good price! Apple Operating systems are not catored for, but the majority of systems we deal with on a regular basis are Microsoft Windows. MalwareBytes also works on Apple Mac’s. Ashampoo - A software provider has this offer, so be quick or miss it. (Up to 70% discounted) Click the picture to go to the order page for Reduced Prices. Click picture to see what is available from this Supplier. This is a Discounted offer to purchase their software. ----------------------=========== 000 ============------------------- We also assist in providing a planning service for installing a Wireless Network to cover differcult areas as required. Advice on how to use a particular system like backup processes for Home and Business customers are catored. Systems can be installed and setup when purchasing a new machine or a machine can be obtained once a decision to buy has been agreed. I look forward to speaking to you soon, if you have any problems with this page My contact details from the Contact button at the top right of all pages.
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